AEG AK74M SA-J01 EDGE 2.0 Black [Specna Arms]

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Whether you run an up-to-date Russian military loadout or you fancy a modern AK for a bit of change of pace, the SA-J01 EDGE™ from Specna Arms brings a lot to the table.

  • Full metal construction - Mostly Steel
  • Gate ASTER MOSFET pre-installed
  • Modern polymer furniture with side folding stock


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The AK-74M is a modernised derivative of the AK-74 rifle, the AK variant which serves with the Russian military and several others across the world to this day. The AK-74 series is based on the original AK-47 but is chambered in the more modern 5.45x39mm cartridge and with new manufacturing processes involved making the rifles far simpler and quicker to manufacture, reducing material use and costs and reducing the overall weight of the rifle for improved handling.

Like the real AK-74M, the SA-J01 makes use of stamped steel for the majority of its components, giving a hefty and authentic AK experience which any AK fan will appreciate.  Things get more impressive when we check out the internal spec! Inside, we have the well-equipped ORION™ reinforced version 3 gearbox, a 6.03mm tightbore inner barrel with Helium™ flat HOP bucking, and to top it off we are also treated to the advanced Gate ASTER™ MOSFET, providing advanced functions and keeping things electrically efficient for a boost in rate of fire and trigger response. Not that we are nervous, but Specna seem to be intent on putting Airsoft upgrade services out of business!

Starting at the tip of the steel outer barrel we can find an AK-74 style muzzle brake, which is designed to counteract the recoil forces of the 5.45mm cartridge and keep the real AK-74 controllable in fully automatic. The muzzle brake mounts to a 24mm CW adapter mounted over the 14mm CCW male threads at the tip of the 16.3-inch outer barrel and can be swapped out for a suppressor or tracer unit if you are going for more of a Spetsnaz look for your AK.

To remove the muzzle brake from the 24mm CW adapter you will need to hold the steel detent in the front sight as you unthread the brake, and to access the 14mm CCW male threading you will need to remove the grub screw in the adapter before unscrewing it.

The alloy front sight of the SA-J01 mounts directly to its outer barrel and provides an adjustable front post with protective wings to ensure an accidental bump or scrape does not render your sights useless. As part of the classic AK aesthetic, we can find a dummy cleaning rod running parallel to the outer barrel, stored on the weapon to give the Russian soldier less to remember! This cleaning rod is constructed from steel and isn't intended for cleaning an Airsoft barrel, though it is a big part of what makes the iconic AK silhouette so recognisable.

Moving further down the outer barrel we come to the dummy gas block which is constructed from alloy with a convincing gun metal finish applied. This connects to the gas tube, which is the correct design for an AK-74M and is stamped from sheet steel for extra realism. The gas tube meets the high density polymer upper handguard via a steel handguard cap which is integral to the gas tube. The ribbed polymer lower handguard is held on using an alloy handguard cap with a sling point built into the left side and can be removed using the same method as in a real AK; by first removing the gas tube and upper handguard via the disassembly lever on the trunnion block, then turning the lever in the handguard cap to free the handguard up.

The lower handguard features horizontal ribs to improve gripping qualities over the older AK variants which use wooden handguards, providing a comfortable but grippy support hand position whether you wear gloves or not. The upper handguard is smooth and featureless, just like the real AK-74M and older AK-74s upgraded to this more modern configuration. While they may not look as elegant and tasteful as real wood handguards, polymer handguards have the benefit of being immune to damage from moisture and won't show damage as readily.

Next up, we reach the trunnion block which provides the mounting point for the classic AK tangent rear iron sight. The rear sight is an open design which provides multiple graduations for adjustment and a fine rear sight notch to align with the front sight post. The sight can be adjusted by pressing the buttons on either side of the sight drum and moving the drum back and forth on its base. The lever on the right side is the handguard disassembly lever, and as with all AK AEGs using the VFC external design, this can be rotated upwards by 90 degrees to release the upper handguard and gas tube.

As we reach the receiver we can take note of its stamped steel construction, giving the SA-J01 a substantial and realistic feel in the hands, just like the real AK-74M. The receiver has standard AK style controls on the right side, with a fire selector lever which doubles as a dust cover when in safe mode, and a charging handle attached to an authentic black dummy bolt carrier.

Matching the control layout of the real AK rifle, the first position on the fire selector is fully auto and the lowermost position is semi-automatic. Each fire mode is denoted by a crispy engraved authentic Russian Cyrillic marking, adding some realism to this already very realistic AK. Over on the left side, we can find an AK quick detach dovetail mounting rail, allowing for authentic Russian AK scopes to be mounted, or Picatinny rail mounts if you prefer a more modern western optic. As with other AK side rails, this side rail is NOT compatible with the SVD side rail mounts and only works with AK side rail mounts.

The receiver also features several rivets in all the right places, as well as the receiver strengthening dimples present on all Russian stamped AK receivers. The top cover is also stamped from steel and has all the correct reinforcement ribs to mimic the real AK-74 family. The SA-J01, like other Specna AKs, should definitely please the stitch counters!

To access the adjustable HOP-up unit of the SA-J01, simply hold the charging handle to the rear to reveal the alloy slider adjustable HOP unit. The slider unit is known as one of the best designs out there, and that is the reason this unit has not changed in design since the original Tokyo Marui AK-47 AEG. To increase the HOP effect, simply move the slider rearwards. Returning the slider to the front will reduce the HOP to its lowest setting. This unit is constructed from alloy instead of the usual polymer to add strength and minimise the chances of failure, and to make matters all the sweeter the pre-installed HOP-up rubber is a Helium™ flat HOP bucking, which should improve range and accuracy considerably compared to standard rubbers.

Being a top-wired design, the battery compartment of the SA-J01 is beneath the top cover. To access the battery compartment, simply press the button at the rear of the top cover and it should come straight off, revealing the Deans battery connector. We recommend a 7.4V LiPo battery in AK stick configuration for the SA-J01 but you can just about squeeze in certain stick batteries designed for AR buffer tubes if you are very careful when reinstalling the top cover. With the battery connected and installed, you can place the top cover back into the SA-J01, align the button with the hole in the rear of the top cover, and pull the charging handle to lock the cover down if necessary.

The pistol grip is a standard AKM/AK-74 type pistol grip, with diamond checkering on either side to ensure the SA-J01 stays firmly in your grasp in any weather conditions. The trigger guard and magazine release can be found just ahead of the pistol grip, and are constructed from steel to provide solid magazine locking and ample rigidity. The magazine release is placed in the centre of the receiver and is accessible from either side of the AEG. The magazine retention system of the AK platform is a "rock and lock" motion, requiring you to first index the front "hook" on the magazine inside the receiver, then rock the magazine to engage the catch.

The stock of the SA-J01 is a side folding polymer stock, matching that of the real AK-74M and allowing for easy storage in smaller gun bags as well as allowing for greater utility in tight quarters. The stock makes use of the same mechanism found on the AKS-74, the early AK-74 variant issued to paratroopers and vehicle mounted infantry, the difference being that the AK-74M stock is polymer, reducing weight and increasing comfort over the older steel skeleton stock. Folding the stock requires that you press the button on the rear left of the receiver, and to unfold it again you will need to press the protruding button on the butt plate of the stock to disengage the hook on the side of the receiver and release the stock from its locked position. This folding mechanism is excellent and it is no surprise the Russians chose to only change it minimally; once the stock is locked in either position it is there to stay, with no chance of inadvertent folding or unfolding of the stock when working under pressure.

Just like it is on the outside, the SA-J01 is impressively equipped internally, boasting Specna's ORION™ reinforced version 3 gearbox equipped with an aluminium piston head and cylinder head, a steel-toothed polycarbonate piston and reinforced steel gears. The spring guide is equipped with ball bearings in its base to reduce rotational stress on the spring, piston and gearbox shell, and is also quickly removable to allow for easy power tuning via the ESA™ quick change spring system. The inner barrel is a 6.03mm tightbore paired with the Helium™ flat HOP-up bucking and mounted into an alloy slider HOP-up unit, promising above-average range and accuracy.

The icing on the cake is the Gate ASTER™ MOSFET which improves electrical efficiency and raises the rate of fire and trigger response while allowing you to program burst modes of various durations, as well as binary trigger. With the "expert" firmware and the Gate Control Station app, you can unlock even more functions from the ASTER, including rate of fire adjustment, trigger sensitivity adjustment and pre-cocking. This is a seriously advanced ETU and we are always happy to see it pre-installed into more and more platforms.

So, if you have been considering an AK for your collection the Specna Arms SA-J01 should be high on your list. Its combination of authentic materials used in its construction and high end internal upgrades already installed makes this one of the best AKs on the market currently, and especially at this price point! Whether it adorns your wall on display or it accompanies you through skirmish after skirmish, the SA-J01 would be an asset to your arsenal!


  • Full metal construction
  • 14mm CCW male threaded barrel - 24mm CW adapter
  • Gate ASTER MOSFET pre-installed
  • Steel muzzle brake - Authentic for an AK-74M
  • Polymer AK-74M furniture with gripping ribs - Great for 90s/2000s AKs
  • Steel mock cleaning rod - An essential part of an authentic AK
  • Steel outer barrel, gas tube, receiver, trigger guard, selector & top cover - Hefty!
  • Sling points front and rear - Ready for a two-point rifle sling
  • 3-Position steel fire selector - Safe - Full auto - Semi-auto
  • Realistic disassembly - VFC style; All pins and levers, no screws
  • Side folding polymer stock - Great for storage and close quarters battle
  • Textured AKM/AK-74 pistol grip - Plenty of grip for wet weather work
  • ORION™ Reinforced version 3 gearbox - Steel toothed piston, aluminium cylinder head & piston head
  • ESA™ Quick change spring guide mounted on ball bearings - Reduced stress on the guide & spring
  • Alloy slider adjustable HOP-up unit - Stronger than polymer units, little chance of failure
  • Helium™ flat HOP-up bucking pre-installed - Serious range and accuracy potential
  • 6.03mm Tightbore inner barrel - Improved FPS and accuracy downrange
  • Russian AK dovetail side rail - Allows for Russian AK optics and 20mm rail adapters to be mounted
  • Includes 2 Specna Arms S-MAG AK Mid-caps - Compatible with AK AEG platform magazines

Package Includes

  • Specna Arms SA-J01 EDGE™ AK-74M AEG w/Gate ASTER MOSFET
  • 130rnd S-MAG AK Medium capacity magazine x 2
  • Deans to mini-Tamiya adapter
  • Cleaning rod
  • User manual




It is mandatory to present proof of membership in an APD (Sports Promotion Association), if you order one, please send proof and indicate the order number to the email:

Maximum allowable power: 1.3J (~ 374 FPS / 0.20g)

It should be painted with a yellow or red fluorescent color (in the dimensions defined by law). The weapons are always painted according to the law in fluorescent yellow.


Article 97.
Illegal gun possession

1 - Whoever, without being authorized, outside the legal conditions or contrary to the prescriptions of the competent authority, owns, transports, imports, stores, buys, acquires in any capacity or by any means or obtains by manufacture, transformation, import or export , use or bring with you a reproduction of a firearm, alarm weapon, salvo or alarm ammunition or weapons of the F and G classes, is punishable by a fine of € 400 to € 4000.

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Data sheet

Specna Arms
71-96 cm
Aluminium & Zinc Alloy, Steel & Polymer
Internal Diameter
6.03 mm
Blow Back
Fire selector
Stock System
Outer Barrel Type
Outer Barrel Size
14mm CCW
Magazine Capacity
2x130 Rnd
Gearbox Type
Gearbox Wiring
Quick Change Spring
Electronic Trigger/Mosfet
Motor Type
High Torque Short
Battery Connector

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