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The most notable feature in the Lancer Generation 2 ProLine series is the Lancer Fast Trigger. Modeled with a bladed flat trigger design, an ETU and a MOSFET all located within the gearbox, additional wiring has been reduced, amplifying trigger response. The Lancer Fast Trigger pushes about 20-25 RPS, and shoots consistently within a 2-3 FPS range.

  • Full metal
  • Mosfet and ETU
  • Alpha Stock
AEG M4 Bushido Gi Black [Saigo]
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Introducing the Bushido Rei by Saigo Defense, a pre-upgraded M4/AR-15 platform with enviable build quality and supreme performance.

  • 11.1V LiPo ready AEG - ETU inside
  • Maple Leaf HOP-up rubber pre-installed
  • Superb build quality and finish


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This rifle product line takes its name from an operation of DEVGRU members, as North American Special Ops, who assaulted and took out the main objective in Abbottabad (Pakistan) against the war of terror declared by the United States after 9-11.

  • 10.5” CNC L119A2 Handguard 
  • ROSSI Eletronic Trigger
  • 16:1 gears

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