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Airsoft HPA MTW 13" Billet Tactical Gen3 [Wolverine]

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The MTW Billet Series Tactical, built to dominate the field with endless customization, offers unrivaled reliability and new features, available in 7", 10", and 14".

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The MTW platform has been built from the ground up to dominate the field, with endless customization options to make it your own. The MTW’s unrivaled reliability will keep you in the game, and we’ve “got your six” with durability and service to make the MTW the last replica you’ll ever need.

The MTW Billet Series Tactical is an upgraded trim which includes a steel flash hider, premium real-steel grip, and heavy-duty milspec stock. Tactical is also available in 7″, 10″ and 14″ variations.

Standard Features

  • Gen 3 Billet Receiver Set
  • INFERNO Gen 2
  • Spartan Electronics MTW Control Board
  • Invictus MK-1 Rail
  • Empty Mag Detection
  • CNC Feed Tube
  • MTW Magazine
  • Op. Pressure Range: 80-140psi

Additional Tactical Features:

  • 1045 Steel Flash Hider with a Black Oxide Finish
  • Premium Real Steel Grip
  • Heavy-duty Milspec Stock
  • PTS EPM-MTW magazine with empty mag detection
New Features in the GEN3 MTW Billet, both Standard and Tactical:
  • Changed the markings: now the bigger Wolverine Airsoft logo is on the left side and all text is on the right side of the lower receiver,
  • There is now a dust-cover on the hop-up window, and a brass deflector beside it,
  • There is a retainer screw on the upper rail to fix the charging handle,
  • The feed tube is now CNC machined (for compatibility with existing pieces: this feed tube only fits inside the GEN3 uppers, and the GEN3 upper receiver only fits this new feed tube),




It is mandatory to present proof of membership in an APD (Sports Promotion Association), if you order one, please send proof and indicate the order number to the email: geral@hangar18.pt

Maximum allowable power: 1.3J (~ 374 FPS / 0.20g)

It should be painted with a yellow or red fluorescent color (in the dimensions defined by law). The weapons are always painted according to the law in fluorescent yellow.


Article 97.
Illegal gun possession

1 - Whoever, without being authorized, outside the legal conditions or contrary to the prescriptions of the competent authority, owns, transports, imports, stores, buys, acquires in any capacity or by any means or obtains by manufacture, transformation, import or export , use or bring with you a reproduction of a firearm, alarm weapon, salvo or alarm ammunition or weapons of the F and G classes, is punishable by a fine of € 400 to € 4000.


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