PTT Microphone S-5 [Baofeng]

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Remote Microphone with PTT
Clamping clip
Kenwood (Baofeng compatible)
3.5mm jack input for standard headphones (not included)

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Headphones PTT C2073
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Availability: Out of stock

Headphones with PTT system.
Wide PTT button with locking spring.
Headset with ear fastening system.
Microphone is next to the mouth.
Adaptable left or right.
Kenwood (Baofeng compatible)

PTT C25 Larynx
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Availability: Out of stock

Laryngo with earphone.
PTT button separate from cable for easier access.
Microphone hidden in PTT, non-functional laryngophone.
Transparent and flexible acoustic tube.
Headset fits into the ear.
Alternate earphone.
Kenwood (Baofeng compatible)

Black M32 Mod 3 Headset [Earmor]
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The Earmor M32 amplifies surrounding sounds such as voices, machines and warning signals and while providing a good hearing protection. Loud impulse sounds above 82 dBA are effectively blocked out. The stereo microphones ensure you to detect the direction of incoming sounds and enhance your communication abilities.

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