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Introducing the Double Eagle UTR45, a fresh new SMG with a fresh look, combining the AR15's familiar and comfortable fire controls with SMG.45 style magazines and an advanced multi-position side folding stock. 

  • AR15-SMG.45 hybrid
  • FALCON EFCS inside
  • Ultra Modern Submachine gun!

The Double Eagle UTR45 has kicked up quite a fuss amongst Airsofters since it appeared, mainly for its absolutely inimitable style. The UTR45 takes all the best features from the UTR556 and the other Double Eagle FALCON EFCS series AEGs with a unique multi-position side folding stock and SMG style straight magazines to bring into being one of the most mould breaking RIF's we have seen in years!

Starting at the tip of the alloy outer barrel we can find a knurled thread protector, typical of SMG aesthetics. This protector looks quite cool as it is, but if you want to add some extra flair to your UTR45 a suppressor or tracer unit can easily be added, thanks to its 14mm CCW male threading. The outer barrel is stabilised within the handguard by a brass spacer, ensuring that the vibrations from firing do not cause any accuracy issues.

The upper receiver of the UTR45 is a monolithic style, with an uninterrupted upper 20mm Picatinny rail surface measuring 35cm total length. Gone are the days of trying to cram your accessories onto the limited rail space on legacy SMGs, the UTR45 can fit practically anything you would want to mount to the upper rail, including holographic sight magnifier combos. This monolithic construction gives the UTR45 an extremely rigid feel despite the non-metallic construction of this part. The polymer used for the receiver is a high-density fibre reinforced nylon, a material usually reserved for Airsoft AEGs at many times this price point. This material combines low weight with high tensile strength, and resists scratches much more readily than the alloy found in many Airsoft guns. Out of the box, the UTR45 has a set of flip up iron sights installed on its upper rail, which provides a front blade and a rear multi-aperture, both of which are adjustable without tools. The sights can easily be flipped up by hand, but when they are folded they also provide a pistol-style open sight for emergency use.

Below the upper rail, we can find the alloy reversible charging handle, which comes as a separate part in the box and can be easily installed on either side of the UTR45. To install the charging handle, simply align the protrusion on the handle with the hole at the front of the charging handle slot, and push the handle in. This will engage an internal spring detent which holds the handle in place. Due to some crafty design work, the charging handle can be removed simply by pulling it out which overcomes the internal retention mechanism and allows a quick and easy swap whilst preventing the charging handle from falling out inadvertently.

Below the charging handle, we can find the UTR45's unique negative space attachment system, which is compatible with the included rail sections and rail covers. This interface looks similar to M-LOK but will not accept M-LOK accessories without modification. This interface is present at the 3, 6, and 9 o'clock positions, and is punctuated by attractive vent holes which mimic the shape of the attachment slots. The included rail sections are easily installed by screwing them into the threaded holes in the handguard with the indexing protrusions aligned with the slots. With the 20mm Picatinny rail sections installed, you can proceed to mount any accessory for 20mm Picatinny rails, such as vertical foregrips and PEQ laser units, should the included rail covers not suit your play style.

As we move rearwards, we can find the mock ejection port, and within it, the mock bolt, present on the monolithic upper receiver on the right side. This part is metal, and makes a satisfying "clack" when operated. When the charging handle is pulled to the rear, the mock bolt is held back to provide access to the rotary adjustable HOP unit. This unit is a modern M4/AR15 style design, and should be compatible with aftermarket alternatives should you choose to change it out. The rotary HOP unit design is well known for its ability to hold its setting extremely effectively and allows fine adjustment of the HOP to provide extra range and improve consistency. Once you have set your HOP, the AR15 style mock bolt release catch can be pressed to release the mock bolt. Unlike an AR15, the bolt release is present on either side of the UTR45 which allows left and right handed users to operate the AEG with equal utility.

While we are on the subject of ambidextrous controls, the UTR45 boasts fully ambidextrous fire selectors, present in the familiar AR15 location, just above the pistol grip, sitting comfortably beneath the thumb of the shooter for rapid access. These selectors operate the same way as an M4/AR15 AEG, providing a 90-degree throw between fire modes, with each mode denoted by a helpful pictogram moulded into the body of the UTR45. The magazine release of the UTR45 is also ambidextrous, lying beneath the lower receiver in a similar manner to an AR36 or AK rifle. This allows for practical retention reloads or ultra fast "mag flip" reloads, depending on the situation. In the box, Double Eagle really has spoiled us, as they also provide an alternative magazine release which can be swapped out for the standard one to allow the magazine to be released with the trigger finger, just like an M4! No need to worry M4 users, there is no need to get familiar with any other platform unless you want to!

The lower receiver of the UTR45 mimics that of the M4/AR15 platform, and any M4 user will feel right at home with the UTR45 in their hands. The magazine well is shaped similarly to that of an M4, but due to the slimmer magazine profile, has a built in flare to help guide your magazine in smoothly every time. The trigger guard is also styled after the prolific AR15, and is an enlarged design to facilitate comfortable use with gloves and fast access to the trigger. Pistol grip-wise, you guessed it, we have an AR15 style ergonomic grip with a filled-out backstrap to encourage a consistent hold. This grip also has rubberised sections covering the front and back strap, with a diamond checkering pattern to provide assurance that you will never slip off the UTR45 pistol grip. As much as we love this grip, we get it if you have a preferred style. Fortunately, the UTR45 is compatible with any AEG M4/AR15 grip, so if you want to change it so you can have a common grip amongst your AEG collection this is absolutely possible.

As we arrive at the rear of the AEG, we can find one of its best features. The multi-position side folding stock of the UTR45 is styled after a famous video game assault rifle we all know and love. This stock style is widely recognized as one of the best designs out there, providing side folding functionality for storage or shooting in a compressed stance, and 7 positions of adjustment so you can set the length to suit your body type and loadout. The stock can be folded to the side using the large locking button on the left side of the stock base, and is held in position by a spring assist within the stock hinge. To adjust the length of the stock, simply press the "trigger" style adjustment lever at the toe of the stock, and set the stock to the appropriate length. This stock also features an adjustable cheek riser with 3 positions to choose from which allows you to set your cheek riser height to match the height of your optic for a comfortable and repeatable shooting position. To raise the cheek riser, simply pull it upwards, then, whilst holding the button on the left down, lower it into your desired position. Another perk of this stock style is that it is absolutely littered with sling mounting options. The stock base features a large alloy sling slot, and the stock itself includes an additional sling slot, and a QD sling socket which is mirrored on either side. At the rear of the stock, we are treated to a rubber butt plate with linear texture to ensure the stock stays firmly in your shoulder.

The battery compartment for the UTR45 is within the multi-function stock, and provides room for a 7.4V 1300mAh LiPo battery, with space to spare. To access the compartment, simply hold down the "trigger" style adjustment lever, and pull the stock all the way to the rear. This should reveal a spring steel tab on the left side which can be pressed in, after which the lower part of the stock and the butt plate will come straight off. Within you can find the Deans connector, to which you attach your battery.

Double Eagle's own FALCON EFCS Fire Control System comes pre-installed in the UTR45's version.2 gearbox. Usually only seen in custom builds and high-end AEGs this feature is a fantastic inclusion, giving you options for 1-5 round burst mode, a binary trigger, as well as various wiring and battery protection features to boot. The 1-5 round burst mode and binary trigger settings can also be set at the same time, with binary being used to replace semi-auto mode, and 1-5 round burst replacing the full auto mode. The fire control system is designed to be used with Li-Po batteries and prevents the replica from firing when it detects a current draw spike, or if the battery voltage is too low. Please note that when low voltage batteries are used with the UTR45 the gearbox can lock up regularly. The EFCS fire control system can be programmed using simple trigger pulls and requires no external tools, special adapters, or a PC to function. For more information please see the Special Instructions Section.

The final innovation within the UTR45 we have to discuss is its "air cushion" inner barrel, which operates with the principle of providing an ultra-smooth internal surface to encourage a consistent air cushion around the BB, preventing it from impacting the walls of the inner barrel which can interfere with accuracy. This style of barrel, also known as a "wide bore" inner barrel is a relatively new innovation in Airsoft, and we are genuinely surprised that Double Eagle has included it. This style of inner barrel should provide similar performance to a tight bore inner barrel but with the added benefit that you are considerably less likely to experience a jam.

So, if you are looking for one of the most advanced Airsoft SMGs out there, at a price that will make the high-end manufacturers worried, check out the M917G UTR45. Could the Scorpion Evo have finally met its match?


  • Unique SMG with a modern aesthetic
  • "Air cushion" type inner barrel
  • Version 2 gearbox
  • Rotary HOP unit
  • FALCON EFCS inside
  • 20mm Picatinny railed receiver
  • M4/AR15 style pistol grip and trigger guard
  • Negative space attachment interface complete with rails and covers
  • Multi-function side folding adjustable stock
  • Reversible charging handle
  • 14mm CCW male threaded outer barrel
  • Ambidextrous fire selector
  • Ambidextrous bolt release catch
  • Ambidextrous magazine release
  • Alternative magazine release provided in the box
  • Flared magazine well for fast and easy reloads
  • Fibre reinforced high density nylon construction
  • Rubberised ergonomic pistol grip

Package Includes:

  • Double Eagle M917G UTR45 Submachine Gun AEG
  • 120 rnd Medium capacity magazine
  • Picatinny rail section x2
  • Rail cover x 3
  • Alternative magazine catch
  • Deans to mini-Tamiya adapter
  • Cleaning/unjamming rod
  • User manual




It is mandatory to present proof of membership in an APD (Sports Promotion Association), if you order one, please send proof and indicate the order number to the email: geral@hangar18.pt

Maximum allowable power: 1.3J (~ 374 FPS / 0.20g)

It should be painted with a yellow or red fluorescent color (in the dimensions defined by law). The weapons are always painted according to the law in fluorescent yellow.


Article 97.
Illegal gun possession

1 - Whoever, without being authorized, outside the legal conditions or contrary to the prescriptions of the competent authority, owns, transports, imports, stores, buys, acquires in any capacity or by any means or obtains by manufacture, transformation, import or export , use or bring with you a reproduction of a firearm, alarm weapon, salvo or alarm ammunition or weapons of the F and G classes, is punishable by a fine of € 400 to € 4000.

Brand Double Eagle
Lenght 44-77 cm
Weight 2250g
Compositions Aluminium & Zinc Alloy, Steel & Polymer
Color Black
Propulsion Electric
Caliber 6mm
Internal Diameter 6.03 mm
Blow Back No
Hop-Up Yes
Fire selector Safe/Semi/Auto/Programmable
Rail System RIS
Stock System Slide
Stock Positions 7 posições
Outer Barrel Type Male
Outer Barrel Size 14mm CCW
Magazine Type Mid-Cap
Magazine Capacity 120 rnd
Gearbox Type V2
Gearbox Wiring Rear
Quick Change Spring Yes
Electronic Trigger/Mosfet Yes
Battery Connector Dean
Battery No
Charger No

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