Pistol GBB G17 MK1 Metal Blowback Black [Saigo]

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SAIGO DEFENSE is a Spanish brand present on the market since 2018. It has quickly established itself as a trusted brand that sells several lines of products with spring, gas or AEG. SAIGO DEFENSE's will is to democratize airsoft by offering replicas with an excellent quality/price ratio.

The Saigo 17 black blowback airsoft BB gun is manufactured by KJW for Saigo Defense.

It has a metal cylinder head and an ABS body.

It is a gas pistol, that is, it loads with gas cylinders as a means of propulsion. Gas Airsoft replicas have the advantage of adapting to all airsoft practitioners, thanks to their simplicity of use and ease of maintenance.

This metal airsoft replica is a GBB (Gas BlowBack) version. The GBB technology gives greater realism to the replicas due to the mobile slide which, activated by the gas, allows propulsion and reloading like a pistol. The bolt return is appreciated for its realism and the slight recoil it provides. In the Blowback version, the slide locks as soon as the last BB is fired.

The replica's metal magazine has a capacity of 23 BB's of caliber 6 mm, well above the average which is more around 12 or 13 BB's. This is due to the length of the magazine, which protrudes slightly below the pistol grip. Recommended BBs for this model are 0.20g or even 0.25g.

The power of this G17 MK1 is 1 joule which allows it to easily reach a distance of about 30 meters. You can use it for target shooting because it is powerful enough to easily pierce most cardboard targets and for airsoft practice.

Saigo G17 MK1 has an ergonomic grip thanks to non-slip coated grip pads. These non-slip grips are also present on the front of the slide.

The trigger hides a safety system that, if the finger is not placed correctly on the tail of the trigger, prevents any accidental firing.

A trigger locking system is also hidden under the barrel, for added security when the replica is stored.

The propulsion of this replica is gas. To charge the gas, simply insert the bottle's spout into the valve at the bottom of the charger.

Finally, all you have to do is load the BB magazine and insert it into your replica. It is then enough to load the weapon manually for the first time to engage the first BB and start firing semi-automatically.

adjustable hop up
The G17 MK1 GBB type replica is equipped with an adjustable Hop-up to significantly increase the range of your shots and especially your accuracy. The Hop-up system allows you to launch a BB 2 times farther than one launched with an identical power replica not equipped with this system. The hop-up is adjustable using the traditional mini-knob located on the side of the hop-up block, inside the slide.

Other Features: 

  • GAS/CO2
  • 6MM
  • Blow Back: YES
  • Hop Up: YES
  • Weight: 930 g
  • Length: 215 mm
  • Material: ABS metal
  • FPS: 300-320
  • Magazine: 23 rds (Gas) Included
  • Spare magazine: GAS SGA0011 / CO2 SGA0012

Package Includes:

  • Pistol G17 MK1 
  • Magazine 23 rnds
  • Instruction Manual



It is mandatory to present proof of membership in an APD (Sports Promotion Association), if you order one, please send proof and indicate the order number to the email:

Maximum allowable power: 1.3J (~ 374 FPS / 0.20g)

It should be painted with a yellow or red fluorescent color (in the dimensions defined by law). The weapons are always painted according to the law in fluorescent yellow.


Article 97.
Illegal gun possession

1 - Whoever, without being authorized, outside the legal conditions or contrary to the prescriptions of the competent authority, owns, transports, imports, stores, buys, acquires in any capacity or by any means or obtains by manufacture, transformation, import or export , use or bring with you a reproduction of a firearm, alarm weapon, salvo or alarm ammunition or weapons of the F and G classes, is punishable by a fine of € 400 to € 4000.

Brand Saigo Defense
Lenght 21.5 cm
Weight 770g
Compositions Metal
Color Black
Platform Glock 17
Propulsion Gas
Caliber 6mm
Blow Back Yes
Hop-Up Yes
Fire selector Safe/Semi
Rail System RIS
Magazine Capacity 23 Rnd
Power 1 Joule

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