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Quick and easy to use charger with balancer. This charger is compact and light witch can charge 2S/3S LiPo battery pack, especially there is a corresponding balance port for each cells.

CAUTION! This unit suitable for Li-Po battery only.

Charge current: 1.6 A for 3 cell, 2 A for 2 cell
Balance current: 200mA for each cell
Display: 3x Bicolor LED
Max. Charging Current: 3x 1600mA
Size: 100mm * 60mm * 35mm

1) Please firstly connect the B3+ charger to power, while the three power LEDs will furn from red to green, which indicating that the charger works in good order.
2) (Set 3s battery pack for example) Secondly, please connect the battery pack to 3s balance port, while the three power LEDs will all turn into red and charging begins. Please note once the charging of one cell is done, the corresponding power LED for it will turn green.
3) When the three power LEDs all turn green, the charging for 3S battery pack is finished.

NOTICE! The charger is covered only by starting warranty.

· Please use this charger under supervision.
· Please place the charger in a dry environment and keep it away from fire.
· Please don't tightly pull and drag the power cord or replace it, or else the fire/electric shock will be coused.
· Please don't touch the charger and power with wet hands or it will bring in electrick shock.
· To extend the working life of the charger, please remove it from power once charging is finished.
· Children must be watched by adults to use the charger.

Never leave the battery pack unattended. Especially do not connect it to the charger for the whole night!
When charging the battery, it is recommended to put it in the "safety battery charging bag".
Avoid short-circuits and mechanical damage to the battery.
Mechanical damage or improper battery charging may lead to the fire of the battery!

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